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Faculty - Department of Psychology

Psychology Department Faculty Group Picture

Meet our faculty

Our psychology faculty are diverse in many areas, not only in their areas of interest or their professional background, but also in the ways they discovered their passion for the field. In addition to being published researchers/scholars, our faculty are seasoned professionals with firsthand experience in their areas of specialization. They aptly incorporate their own education with their clinical and field experience to provide students with invaluable learning opportunities in the classroom. Featuring age, ethnic, and gender diversity, our professors are also caring, committed Christians who want to see their students grow and mature academically, spiritually, and personally.

Our students say that the Psychology professors:

  • care deeply about their students in AND out of the classroom
  • are well trained in their field
  • are both challenging and interesting in the classroom

Faculty research areas include studying Amish adolescents, adolescents' understanding of God, children's views of parents, issues in Christian higher education, research ethics, multicultural approaches to marriage, cognitive processes involved with distracting tasks, the psychological effects of technology, and the physiological responses to stress during learning. Our faculty members also see importance in cross-cultural experiences and the impact that traveling abroad can have on an individual. They strive to offer insight from their own cross-cultural experiences as well as opportunities for students to experience other cultures during their four years at Messiah!

Our department is 7 full-time members strong. We are all located in Boyer Hall on the 3rd floor. Below you will find information about each member!

John Bechtold, Ph.D.-Chair, Professor of Psychology
John Bechtold, Ph.D.

Chair, Professor of Psychology

imageSend email image717-796-1800, ext. 7023
Diane D. Brockman, Ph.D.-Senior Lecturer of Psychology
Diane D. Brockman, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer of Psychology

imageSend email image717-796-1800, Ext. 2138
Henry A. Danso, Ph.D.-Professor of Psychology
Henry A. Danso, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

imageSend email image717-796-1800, ext. 3600
Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen Ed.D.-Professor of Psychology; Director of Faculty Development
Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen Ed.D.

Professor of Psychology; Director of Faculty Development

imageSend email image717-796-1800, ext. 3000
Charles Jantzi, Psy.D.-Professor of Psychology
Charles Jantzi, Psy.D.

Professor of Psychology

imageSend email image717-796-1800, ext. 2214
Valerie A. Lemmon, Psy.D.-Associate Professor of Psychology
Valerie A. Lemmon, Psy.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology

imageSend email image717-796-1800, ext. 2179
Jennifer Thomson, Ph.D.-Associate Professor of Biopsychology
Jennifer Thomson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biopsychology

imageSend email image717-796-1800, ext. 2016

Department Staff

Donna Zack-Department Administrative Assistant
Donna Zack

Department Administrative Assistant

imageSend email image717-796-1800 ext. 2196