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Dr. Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen, Professor of Psychology and Director of Faculty Development

Rhonda jacobsen

Lancaster Theological Seminary
Ed.D., Temple University, 1988
M.Ed. University of Illinois, 1975
B.A., Wheaton College, 1973

Teaching Interests:     

Psychology and Religion; Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; Professional Development for Educators; Global Higher Education


Relating religion, academic scholarship, and teaching;
professional development for educators

Current Projects:     

Co-director of “Religion in the Academy” project

Recent Publications:     

Jacobsen, D. & Jacobsen, R.H. (2014). The religious roots of Ernest L. Boyer’s Educational Vision: A theology of public pietism. Christian Higher Education13:1, 17-28.

Jacobsen, D. & Jacobsen, R.H. (2014). Foreword. In K. Schwehn and L.D. Lagerquist (Eds.), Claiming our Callings: Toward a New Understanding of Vocation in the Liberal Arts. New York: Oxford University Press.

Jacobsen, D. & Jacobsen, R.H. (2013). Religion’s return to higher education: A Primer. Trusteeship 21:1.

Jacobsen, D. & Jacobsen, R.H. (2012). Tradition-enhanced university education and Six questions about religion for every Baptist-related university. The Baptist Educator 76:3.

Jacobsen, D. & Jacobsen, R.H. (2012). No longer invisible: Religion in university education. New York: Oxford University Press.

Jacobsen, D. & Jacobsen, R.H. (2011). Formation versus information and other myths of the religion classroom. Teaching Theology and Religion 14:4, 361-367.

Jacobsen, D., & Jacobsen, R. H. (2008). Religion and higher education: Historic, personal, and public. Liberal Education 94:3 (Summer 2008), 44-49.

Jacobsen, D., & Jacobsen, R. H. (Eds.) (2008). The American university in a postsecular age. New York: Oxford University Press, 2008

Jacobsen, R. H. (2007). [Review of M. E. Marty, The mystery of the child.] Brethren in Christ Life and Thought 30(3), 541-543.

Jacobsen, D., & Jacobsen, R. H. (2007). Vanity, variety, vision: Protestant universities and the American experience. The Cresset: A Review of Literature, the Arts, and Public Affairs 70(4), 5-13.

Jacobsen, D., & Jacobsen, R. H. (2005). Pentecostalism and the academy; Response to the Pneuma essays on faith and scholarship. Pneuma 27(1), 106-109; 157-160.

Jacobsen, R. H. (2005). A woman, a Christian, an academician. In V. L. Erickson & S. A. Farrell (Eds.) Still believing: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim women affirm their faith. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Press, 57-64.

Jacobsen, D. & Jacobsen, R.H. (2004). Christian scholarship: Enlarging the conversation. New York: Oxford University Press.


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International Cross-Cultural Experiences

Contact Information:

Boyer 101B;; (717) 796-1800, ext. 3000