What we do

Bulk Mail Services- what we do

Mass emails

The Bulk Mail area is responsible for managing the mass email program.  This includes sending requested mass emails to faculty, staff, and students.

Mail merges

The Bulk Mail area does mail merges in Microsoft Office applications.

Document printing

Printing services are most often done in conjunction with another service such as mail merges or in preparation of a mailing.


Documents can be tabbed in preparation for mailing.


Bundles or trays can be strapped with either nylon or plastic materials.


Documents can be folded and inserted into envelopes.

Mail preparation

Documents can be printed, inserted, addressed, barcoded, and sealed for mailing via US Postal Service.

Envelope sealing

Envelopes can be sealed via high speed equipment

High Speed Addressing

Mail pieces are addressed and barcoded to obtain the best US postal automation rates. The Bulk Mail room uses specialized software to compare and update mailing addresses to obtain the highest rate of accurate mail delivery.