Frequently Asked Questions

YES!  You can purchase first class postage individually on in books of stamps.  Cash and Falcon Dollars are accepted. 


Unfortunately a key is required to open your mailbox. We cannot hand mail out through the service window. 

You may get another key by requesting one at the Campus Post Office service window. There is a $25.00 fee for a replacement key which is automatically deducted from your student account in the business office.

Generally, we have the US mail distributed by noon. This depends on the mail volume. Some days we receive late shipments from the Mechanicsburg Post Office, which means we distribute mail later in the day. 

FedEx and UPS arrive on campus each morning between 10 and 11 a.m. It is delivered to Central Receiving in the Lenhart building. It is then checked in and delivered to the Campus Post Office by lunch time. We try to have the packages distributed by 2 p.m. 

All US Mail collected from campus or the Campus Post Office leaves campus each business day around 8 am. 

Mail metering is handled by a Higher Information Group (formerly York Mail).  Metered mail is sent out on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons.  To ensure your department mail goes out on time, please have mail delivered to the campus post office by 2pm on Tuesday or Thursday. 

You may find a person's mailbox number a variety of ways:

  • Campus box numbers can be looked up in FalconLink by a person's name.
  • Online directories are available in FalconLink.

If you have a package that will not fit in the mail drop slot, we have lockers available for your package. Here are the steps to take: 
a. Place the package in a locker that has an orange or gray tag hanging from the key.
b. Write the name and box number on the tag of the recipient. (Be sure to cross out the previous name).
c. Place a quarter in the slot in the edge of the door, and close the locker, and turn the key.
d. Remove the key and drop the key with the tag attached and place it in the campus mail slot. We will put it in the mailbox of the person that you have written on the tag.