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The Department of English is a community of writers, critics, and teaching scholars.

We are guided by the understanding that language significantly shapes our identity, deepens our interactions with others, and enables us to change the world. We emphasize the interdependence of creativity, theory, and vocation.

Therefore, our curriculum offers a comprehensive education in literature, theory, creative writing, and professional writing in order that students will be able to:

  • analyze literary texts by reading closely and applying disciplinary vocabularies, theories, and methods

  • respond to literary texts within their contexts such as culture, genre, literary history, aesthetic values, and ideological orientation

  • demonstrate writing and rhetorical skills appropriate to both critical and creative tasks in a variety of media and genres

  • develop and challenge their thinking through scholarly research in support of both critical studies and creative activities

  • reflect on vocational calling, explore possible career paths, and develop action plans for their professional lives

  • articulate the connections between their Christian faith and the study of English

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