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Facilities - Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

Kline Hall of Science

Kline Hall of Science, built in 1969, houses classrooms, science and nursing labs, faculty offices, and computer laboratories.

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Jordan Science Center

The Jordan Science Center, completed in August 1999, is a 60,000-square-foot facility which houses the College's Department of Natural Sciences. It also houses the Oakes Museum of Natural History, which showcases the College's valuable collections of North American and African large mammals, insects, seashells, bird eggs, plants and minerals.

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Food lab

A foods lab where students develop an understanding of the science and art of preparing tasty, healthy meals.  This lab features eight kitchen units as well as a demonstration kitchen.  Examples of foods lab activities include:
  • Exploring the basics of cooking chemistry as well as guidelines for selecting and preparing a wide variety of foods
  • Modifying recipes for those with special dietary needs
  • Demonstrating food preparation to others in an engaging manner

Nutrition lab

A nutrition lab where students apply their basic science skills to nutrition assessment, education, and counseling.  Examples of nutrition lab activities include:
  • Determining how various cooking and storage methods influence the nutrient content of foods and beverages
  • Determining and interpreting blood glucose, lipids, and hemoglobin
  • Determining and interpreting body composition using skinfolds, bioimpedance, and underwater weighing
  • Counseling clients (under faculty supervision) regarding weight loss, improvement in blood lipids, and other preventive dietary interventions
  • Designing educational displays for on and off campus health fairs

student cooking in labIn addition to the food and nutrition lab suite, students learn techniques for large scale food production and food service management by observing and working alongside Messiah dining services employees in the campus dining facilities.  The campus dining room and cafes also provide valuable work opportunities for students interested in food service.