ELI Off-Campus Program Information

ELI Off-Campus Program Information

As part of the Experiential Learning Initiative (ELI), all students (starting with those who matriculate in the fall of 2015) will complete at least one ELI-approved experiential learning activity prior to graduation. The ELI aims to teach and prepare students to articulate their "Messiah story" in a meaningful way to their friends, family, and prospective employers, by providing a structured framework in which to engage their chosen experience.

All off-campus programs (semester-long and cross-cultural courses) are set up to potentially fulfill the ELI as part of this transition if all materials are completed in a timely manner and approved by an ELI advisor. ELI advisors will be educators from the Intercultural Office (for semester-long programs) or a faculty leader (for cross-cultural courses).

The main components of an ELI experience are that all students will:


For questions regarding ELI, please contact Ashley Jones.