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About Us

ICO staff

Located in the Larsen Student Union, the Intercultural Office at Messiah University houses three distinct but interconnected areas: International Student Programs, Multicultural Programs and Off-Campus Programs. These equally important programs work in close collaboration to carry out the overall mission of the Intercultural Office:

To embrace the diversity of God's Creation by providing safe, transformative learning environments and opportunities for students to engage the world as reconcilers and servant leaders at home and abroad.

The Intercultural Office provides holistic support and mentoring for students as they explore a diverse world.

Our primary values are:

  • Holisitic Student Support
  • Diversity
  • Mentoring
  • Exploration

Each program area in the Intercultural Office has a distinct purpose in supporting the mission of the Office:


International Student Programs

The purpose of International Student Programs at Messiah University is to understand and meet the unique needs of international, missionary, and third culture students by providing services, programs, and guidance leading to personal success and meaningful engagement with the broader campus community.

Multicultural Programs

The purpose of Multicultural Programs at Messiah University is to meet the unique needs of domestic underrepresented students by providing holistic support through mentoring, diversity education and exploration, as well as safe and transformative learning environments for all members of the college community.

Off-Campus Programs

The purpose of Off-Campus Programs at Messiah University is to provide holistic support to students as they explore safe, transformative semester-long and short-term experiences that encourage them to reflect, learn, and grow as they navigate the complexities of becoming global citizens in a diverse world.

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