Global Engagement @ Messiah

Messiah students enroll at a university in central Pennsylvania but quickly find that their educational opportunities span the globe. Between education abroad, international service and mission trips, and a diverse campus right here in Grantham, Messiah University is committed to equipping students to become global citizens.

  • Instead of just reading about the history and culture of places like Thailand and Italy, you can study there during a three-week cross cultural course.
  • Instead of just talking about how important it is to serve the “least of these” in our region, you can go to places like Wilmington, North Carolina or Bronx, NY over Spring Break where you can serve the poor, build homes, and restore dignity to communities.
  • Instead of dreaming about how exciting it would be to study film in Los Angeles, you can attend the L.A. Film Studies Center for a semester.
  • Instead of just wondering how you can make a difference in an African community devastated by HIV and poverty, you can bring hope through a variety of projects with the Collaboratory.
  • Instead of reading Shakespeare and trying to imagine the Globe Theatre, you can study abroad at a British university and visit historical literary sites.

Expanding your horizons isn’t just about going away to new places. It’s as much about befriending an international or multicultural student, taking the train to Philadelphia for a day of sight-seeing, and sampling ethnic foods in nearby Harrisburg.

The world is truly yours to experience and explore at Messiah University, and by seeking to broaden your horizons, you will understand that what you are learning carries significance for real people in real places.

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