How to Register

How to Register

In order to participate in Rec. Sports, you must register to play prior to the posted deadline for that sport. You may either be on a team which is registered by a captain, or you may enter as a "Free Agent" if you are unable to find a team on which to play.

To participate in Rec. Sports this season EVERYONE (Captains & Players) MUST create an imleagues account.

To Register:
1. Go to
2. Click "Create Account" in the Top-Right corner.
3. Fill out the Required Information using your Messiah email address. Finish the Account Setup by following the directions in the Confirmation Email.
4. Log-in to your imleagues account.
5. Click "Create or Join a Team."
6. Select the Sport AND League in which you would like to play.
7. Click the green "Register/ Signup" box.

  • Team Captains choose: "Create Team"
  • To join an existing team choose: "Join Team"
  • To be added to the league if you don't have a team choose: "Free Agent"

NOTE: Captain's must create the team FIRST. Once the team is created then all of the players on the roster can join your team.

9. Read and fill out ALL of the required information. This is VERY important.
10. Finish and submit.

The Captain must attend the mandatory Captain's Meeting scheduled for that sport. If you are unable to attend, a team representative may replace you, but in any case each team MUST have a representative at the Captain's Meeting.

Pay the $10 Registration Fee at the Captain's Meeting.