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About the School

About the School of Humanities

School of the Humanities


Identity & Mission Statement

The School of the Humanities is an interdisciplinary intellectual community which analyzes and interprets the creation and transmission of human culture, both ancient and modern. We emphasize critical and creative thinking, communication skills, and the development of Christian perspectives as we engage the pressing aesthetic, philosophical, political, religious, and social issues of our day. Our mission is to educate students and the larger college community by cultivating an informed Christian faith, a maturing cultural literacy, and portable intellectual skills. We develop lifetime learners who demonstrate global awareness, civic engagement, servant leadership, and reconciliation in church and society.

Liberal Arts at Messiah University

The School of the Humanities is the home of a liberal arts education at Messiah University. Our focus of study on human thought, action, emotion, and character provides the means for students to form a comprehensive intellectual, moral, and spiritual identity during their college years, while they also cultivate the highly prized career skills of critical and creative thinking, articulate oral and written communication, and a broad grasp of society and culture. So wherever your interests lie in our many areas of study, you’ll find abundant opportunities to pursue them with confidence that your undergraduate education will open doors to a wide variety of graduate and professional programs and future careers.

Our faculty members are engaged in scholarship and deeply committed to teaching undergraduate students. Drawn from top graduate programs, they remain active learners in their fields of study and also have a passion for student learning. These scholar-teachers enthusiastically invite you to join them in the pursuit of lifelong learning. The newest academic building, Boyer Hall, provides us with facilities dedicated to the specific needs of humanities programs, complete with state-of-the-art classrooms and seminar rooms, a 140-seat lecture hall, a cinema, computer labs, the Beatriz Howe Humanities Lab, and departmental resource rooms where students and faculty meet informally to learn together.

Humanities majors enjoy a wide range of experiences while attending Messiah University. From seminars and research projects to global study abroad, internship, practicum, teaching and service learning opportunities, students are enriched through faculty mentoring and experiential learning that creatively link the classroom to the wider world.

Faith & Learning Statements

The educators in all departments housed within the School of the Humanities are committed to educating students towards intellectual maturity in their field of study, as well as in character and Christian faith.  The School of the Humanities gathers statements from each academic department that affirm our commitment to, and method of, engaging Christian faith in the learning environment.  Additionally, several faculty members from each department offer their written faith testimonies and personal views of the importance of a faith-based education.

We hope these departmental statements and personal testimonies provide you with a deeper sense of our commitment to the College's mission of educating men and women toward maturity of intellect, character and Christian faith in preparation for lives of service, leadership and reconciliation in church and society.

Our statements and testimonies are available for download in PDF format for all operating systems and in iBook format, designed specifically for iPad and Mac users.

PDF Faith & Learning Statements