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Our team



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Budget Information & Capital Operations Jill Hans
CashNet Kyle Weber
Endowments & Trusts
Other Gifts and Grants David Hoffman
Journal Entries and GL Transactions David Hoffman and Kyle Weber
Monthly Budget Reports Jill Hans
Payroll - Administrative/Faculty Les Weiand
Payroll - Staff Employees (Hourly) Wendy McElwee
Payroll - Student Employment Belinda Conrad
Payroll - General Don Lerew
M&T Purchasing Card P-Card Admin (
Sports Camps David Hoffman
Taxation & Regulatory Compliance Christine Hartman
Wire Transfers David Hoffman



Business Office Staff:






Contact Info

Daisy Anderson Purchasing Manager Ext. 2100
  Senior Accounting Analyst Ext. 2050
Donna Brosious Purchasing Coordinator Ext. 7275
Belinda Conrad Student Employment Coordinator Ext. 2900
Jill Hans Director of Financial Planning & Budget Ext. 2752
Christine Hartman Director of Financial Services & Controller Ext. 6920
David Hoffman Senior Accounting Analyst Ext. 2252
Missy Huntington Payroll Manager & Finance Analyst Ext. 2903
Don Lerew HRIS & Compensation Manager Ext. 2030
Wendy McElwee Payroll Specialist Ext. 2902
Terry McLoughlin Accounts Payable Assistant Ext. 2911
Teri Rader Accounts Payable Coordinator Ext. 2910
Sherry Rudasill Purchasing Coordinator Ext. 2120
Stephanie Sechrist Administrative Assistant - Purchasing Ext. 2497
Tracy Thomas Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Finance and Planning; P-Card Administrator Ext. 5237
Kyle Weber Accounting Analyst Ext. 2537
Les Weiand Payroll Processing Technician Ext. 2901




Student Financial Services


Contact Info

Carol Good Student Account Representative and Coordinator of Graduate Student Benefits Ext. 7007
Steven Gross Student Account Coordinator and Counselor Ext. 7187
Nance Grubb Student Account Representative and Special Programs Coordinator Ext. 6004
Lora Harper Manager of Financial Services Ext. 6052
Kristen Grey Student Account Coordinator and Counselor Ext. 7135
Cathy Poiesz Director of Student Financial Services Ext. 7192
Elliott Sternbergh Falcon Exchange Representative Ext. 7245
Bryan Stout Falcon Exchange Representative Ext. 7213