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Adventure Programs

Adventure Programs

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Adventure Programs provides participants with opportunities to engage in a variety of adventure activities. These experiences allow participants to have fun and grow as they are taken out of their comfort zone and face new challenges. At Messiah, adventure activities are pursued as a means to help participants better understand and experience their relationship with God, others, self, and creation.

Adventure activities are primarily offered through The Loft, which is part of the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership Programs. The Loft is a resource for on-campus groups that desire an adventure-based, educational experience to help them grow in leadership and teamwork. 

Adventure Programs provides oversight and training for all cocurricular adventure activities provided by Messiah University. This is to ensure a quality adventure experience facilitated by leaders who are adequately trained to lead and care for participants. For more information, contact Wendell Witter, Coordinator of Cocurricular Adventure Programs. 


Other areas that offer adventure activities include the Outdoors Club and the Adventure Education Major in the Department of Health, Nutrition & Exercise Science. The Outdoors Club is a great way for individuals to try new activities and develop skills through participation in one of the many outings offered. The Adventure Education Major is for individuals who seek to learn the theories and philosophy of adventure education as well as the skills so they are equipped to lead others in outdoor adventures.

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