Return to Campus Plan for Fall 2020

Messiah University is in session this fall with flexible in-person and remote learning options, health and safety protocols and student care and support.




Welcome to the Intercultural Office where you will take the first step to a journey that will change your life. Whether you choose to study in Asia, Europe, or Africa OR participate in a discipline specific program in the United States, be prepared for a faith-enhancing, life-changing experience.

Important Things to Know

  1. You can find off campus study programs that do not overlap with your sport
  2. Even winter athletes can look for programs that leave later in the spring
  3. Some programs will allow you to be part of the schools’ athletic teams Boating in Mexico

  4. Contact our office for estimated departure dates
  5. The timing of three-week cross-cultural courses make them a viable option

Do not just assume because you play sports that studying abroad is not an option for you; come and talk to us and you may be surprised to discover some opportunities that are just right for you!