Service Opportunities

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Service opportunities at Messiah College

Messiah is committed to equipping you for a life of service and there are plenty of opportunities to hone your passion for service during your time here. Each year, Messiah students collectively volunteer thousands of hours to community service—locally, nationally and around the globe.

The College’s Agapé Center for Service and Learning is the hub for service organizations and opportunities both on and off campus. Agapé Center staff excel at helping students explore their options and get involved. Messiah’s Collaboratory for Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research enables participants to apply academic knowledge and live out their Christian faith through imaginative, hands-on problem solving with non-profit organizations, governments, and business partners in our region and around the world.

As you participate in outreach teams and service plunge days, and work with ministry groups and community agencies, you begin to realize you not only give to others, but others give to you and the blessings travel in both directions.


Information on Service Opportunities