Faith in the classroom

Faithintheclassroom 2

Faith in the classroom

Because your college years are a significant time of learning, exploration and experience, we challenge you to apply your Christian values not only during traditional worship services, but in the classroom too, in a way that strengthens your own academic and personal endeavors.

Messiah College is an academic community profoundly committed to worshipping God. Our professors are accomplished scholars and practicing Christians who teach in their areas of expertise and serve as role models for integrating a life of faith with intellectual pursuits. Faculty and staff at Messiah challenge and mentor you through the perspectives of the academic world, while inviting you to engage those ideas with your Christian faith.

Whether it's a class discussion or a service-learning class that incorporates your academic knowledge into practical use serving others, faith is a key component that is integrated into all aspects of your Messiah education.

Although faith is rooted in believing and intellect is rooted in questioning, at Messiah we see no difficulty in bringing the two into harmony. We invite you to embrace both Christian faith and academic inquiry, and to allow one to enhance the other. In your life, both your faith and your intellect have very important roles to play.