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Career & Professional Development Model

Career & professional development model

Research shows that the key to a smooth and effective post-graduate transition is early, intentional exploration and planning.  It is essential that you take initiative to test our your career areas of interest and gain relevant experience which will make you marketable to prospective employers and graduate schools.  By "testing out" interest areas through experiential learning, your plan may shift or change - that's completely natural!  Remember to stay flexible.  Our Career & Professional Development Plan is intended to assist you in effectively managing your career exploration, planning, and decision making. To get started, identify where you are currently at in the plan by taking this Career Planning Questionnaire.

Career about dev plan


Assess, articulate and develop your strengths, interests and values.  Begin to identify options that are compatible with your strengths and interests.


Gather information on career areas of interest so that you can make informed decisions about your future.  Intentionally involve yourself in activities that will allow you to explore and grow personally and professionally.


Enhance critical professional competencies in order to successfully connect your professional goals with real world opportunities.  Take your experience to the next level by participating in meaningful opportunities that will differentiate you from the rest. 


Begin synthesizing your collective experiences from your academics and out-of-class involvement.  Begin to articulate a plan and take action to translate your skills and experiences into meaningful post-graduate opportunities.