Summer Jobs

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Did you know Messiah College hires approximately 150 students to work on campus full time during the summer months?  There are a variety of on-campus job opportunities available for Messiah College students.  Most summer positions include room and board in addition to compensation! 

If you are interested in working on campus this summer, or would like more information about summer campus employment, plan on attending the Summer Job Fair on Wednesday, February 14 from 11:30-4:30 in Hostetter Chapel. 

Summer jobs tend to fill up quickly, so, if you are interested in working on campus this summer, it is highly recommended that you attend the job fair.  Job Fair attendees will have opportunity to meet with departments/supervisors that have summer openings and will be given first opportunity to apply for summer positions.

All summer job openings advertised at the job fair will be available via a URL provided to you at the job fair.  Please apply to the position(s) for which you have an interest via the URL to access the system.  You must apply by March 1 to be given priority consideration for summer job openings. 

If you are offered a job for an opening advertised at the job fair, you will have one (1) week from time of offer to accept the job assignment.  Requests for extension for reasons such as study abroad decisions should be communicated to the hiring department.  Most summer hiring from job fair openings will be completed by March 23.  Students accepting a 40-hour-per-week summer job assignment will be ineligible for other positions and will not be allowed to switch assignments.

At the beginning of March, any remaining open summer positions will be made available to students that did not attend the Job Fair on the job site:

Below is some important information to take into consideration if you are interested in applying for summer employment at Messiah:

  • You are required to apply for a summer position, even if you are currently in the position for the academic year
  • You must be a current Messiah College student and planning to return to Messiah in the Fall.
  • Summer employment begins on May 13, 2018 and will end on September 1. 
  • Most positions are for 16 weeks, which will include 14 weeks of work and 2 weeks of unpaid time off.  The specific dates off must be requested and approved by the hiring department/supervisor in advance.  Approval for certain dates or weeks off, such as Welcome Week, may be limited. 
  • Payroll forms, Human Resources Forms, and a work agreement must be completed prior to your first day of work.
  • All student employees in the following departments are required to have a background check prior to their first day of employment:  all camp employees (athletics camps, Young Writers Workshop, Orchestra Camp, etc.), Campus Events dorm workers, Campus Events first shift workers, Oakes Museum employees, ELC employees, Conference Services workers, and lifeguards.  Any students working in these departments will need to have the following background checks completed and clearances submitted BEFORE the first day of work:  FBI Fingerprinting Check, PA Child Abuse Clearance, and PA State Police Check.  Further details on how to obtain and submit your background check clearances can be found on the Student Employment website:
  • Summer wage rates begin at $7.25/hr.
  • Summer student employees who work full time (40 hours per week) will have the option to live on campus.  Summer student employees who work less than 40 hours per week will not be permitted to live on campus.  Students not working in a summer job assignment will not be permitted to live in College housing unless there is an acceptable reason (approved by the Residence Life Office) to live on campus.
  • Students who live on campus during the summer and work 40 hours per week receive room and board in addition to their hourly rate of pay as part of their compensation (room and board is a $295/week value!).  Students who live on campus will be charged a $20/week room fee for summer residential programming, which will be withheld from each paycheck. If you are living on campus, the value of your board ($150 per week) will be added to your pay as a non-cash taxable compensation.  This means that you will be paying taxes on the benefit of board, unless you work in a job that is exempt from this regulation (e.g., Conference Services Assistants).
  • Student employees not living on campus will receive an extra $1.00/hr of compensation in lieu of the room and board allowance.
  • If you are planning to live on-campus for the summer, you must sign up for summer housing with the Residence Life Office.  Incoming first year students and transfer students are not permitted to live on campus during the summer.
  • You are expected to work the entire length of the summer job assignment.  If you leave your job early, you will need to leave campus housing within 24 hours and may be ineligible for future campus jobs. 
  • Summer student employees are required to attend the summer student employee orientation meeting (date TBA).
  • Consult the Student Employment Handbook for more important information on student employment:


If you have any questions concerning summer employment, please contact Belinda Conrad at ext. 2900 or, or stop in the Payroll/Student Employment Office in Old Main.