Student Employee of the Year



The Student Employment Office is now accepting nominations for the Student Employee of the Year Award.   If you have an outstanding student working in your department, please nominate them!  Any undergraduate student employee may be nominated for the Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) Award.  Nominees will be judged by committee review and the following prizes will be awarded during National Student Employment Week in April:

Student Employee of the Year- $150

Runner-up- $100

Honorable Mention Awards (2) - $50 each

In addition, the person selected as the Messiah’s Student Employee of the Year will be nominated for additional recognition at the State, Regional and National levels.  Messiah’s 2020 & 2021 SEOTY went on to be selected as Pennsylvania’s SEOTY!

To nominate a student employee for the SEOTY Award, submit a letter (1.5 page maximum) highlighting the student’s accomplishments and contributions as a student employee via email to the Student Employment Office. Be sure to include examples.  The deadline for nominating a student employee for consideration is February 1, 2022.   To assist you with your submission, please consider the following:

  • Briefly describe why you are submitting this student for recognition.
  • Briefly outline your student employee’s accomplishments over this past year and/or how they have contributed to the workplace.
  • Describe the quality of work your nominee produces.Include examples of what your student has done above and beyond standard expectations.
  • What leadership skills has the nominee displayed while working in your department?Include examples of your nominee’s initiative and motivation in the workplace.
  • Describe the impact your nominee has had on your department, campus, and/or community as a direct result of work performed.
  • What qualities does your nominee possess that makes him or her distinct from other employees?
  • Consider how your student displays the NACE core competencies in their position.  Provide specific examples.
  • Provide a closing statement.

Please assist us in recognizing the outstanding work of student employees by submitting a nomination.  Submit your nomination letter to by February 1.

Submission Deadline February 1, 2022
Return to The Student Employment Office electronically via email at
Winner Announced April 2022, during our Student Employee Appreciation Week
Poster If you would like to view or print the poster we created, you can download it here.