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Leadership Awards

Student Leadership Awards

Toward the end of each academic year we present several students and student groups with awards for their excellent contributions to the campus community. Below are the four annual awards and their criteria.

Excellence in the Advancement of Diversity and Social Justice

This award recognizes an individual student leader or group of students whose actions or repeated behaviors have moved the University forward in its commitment to building a pluralistic, inclusive, and just community. The award recipient(s) will have:

  • Contributed positively to healthy conversation and learning as it relates to diversity and social justice
  • Developed a distinct voice, speaking out on issues related to absent or neglected perspectives and systems of privilege
  • Used the energy formed by connections with peers, faculty, and staff to generate meaningful and informed action

Student Program of the Year

This award acknowledges a program initiated, created, and run by students that had a positive impact on the Messiah University Community. Whether inherently social or educational in nature, the winning program shall enhance the ideals of the university and encourage students to do one or more of the following: Dig Deep, Be Rooted, Be Cultivated, Branch Out, Be Strong, Bear Fruit. 

Student Group of the Year

This award seeks to recognize a group of students that has most thoroughly fulfilled its stated mission and goals, collaborated with other organizations and departments to improve life on campus, hosted quality programs, provided a positive influence on its members and the campus community, and demonstrated fiscal responsibility.

Unsung Hero Award

This award recognizes a student leader who works behind-the-scenes of a successful group. The individual may not necessarily hold a significant leadership position in the group. This award will be given to someone who consistently gives his/her all to group achievement, going above and beyond the call of duty. Consideration for recognition is based on the following criteria:

  • The individual's drive to show support for the rest of the group
  • Taking on tasks, however small, that others may not be quick to take on
  • Consistent effort and optimism in all circumstances


Previous Recipients

Year Diversity & Social Justice Student Program of the Year Student Group of the Year Unsung Hero
2016-17 Rachel Taylor #WeMatterMessiah

Agape Center


Multicultural Council

Korin Martin
2017-18 Jamie-Claire Chau Charlottesville Prayer Vigil Minds Matter Brandon Baumer