What Can You Do with a History Major?

What You Can Do with a History Major

Below is a list of careers that history majors have successfully pursued. Not all of them will be of interest to you, nor are they an exhaustive listing of possibilities. This list is only designed to help you in the career discernment process. For a fuller overview, see Dr. Fea's blog series "So What Can you Do with a History Major?" and these webpages of the American Historical Association: Careers for Students of History Careers for History Majors, and recent Data on the History Profession.

  • Advertising: account executive, media buyer, media planner, copywriter, researcher, sales.
  • Banking: loan officer, operations manager, trust officer, branch manager
  • City Planning: regional planner, urban administrator, urban planner.c
  • Computer Services: computer operator, operations analyst, marketing representative (information technology)
  • Education: bilingual teacher, college/university professor, secondary school teacher, school counselor, special education teacher.
  • Education Administration: admissions counselor, academic advisor, alumni affairs staff, career services staff, financial aid staff, learning support services staff, development staff, student activities staff, student housing staff, dean of students, counseling staff, principal.
  • Environment: advocacy staff, community relations, contract administrator, environmental education,environmental journalism, environmental policy, fundraiser, lobbyist, park ranger, social research analyst, technical writer, wildlife/recreation management.
  • Government: analyst, caseworker, city manager, civil service, community affairs coordinator, code compliance officer, congressional staff, criminologist, customs agent, diplomat, economic development coordinator, foreign service officer, housing & community development, intelligence analyst, investigator, legislative analyst, legislative assistant, politician, program analyst, program information officer, public affairs officer, researcher, speech writer.
  • Film, TV, Radio: broadcaster, production assistant, producer, programming assistant, public relations, sales, scriptwriter.
  • Health Care: public health administrator, human resources manager, public relations.
  • Historical Research: archaeologist, archivist (national, state, local, medical, corporate archives), biographer, curator, historian, demographer, historical society administrator, international relations analyst.
  • Human Resources: benefits specialist, college recruiting specialist, compensation manager, employee relations officer, employment interviewer, job analyst, organization development specialist, recruiter, labor relations, training specialist.
  • Insurance: actuary, branch manager, brokerage manager, sales, underwriter.
  • Investments: commodities trader, research analyst, securities analyst, stock broker.
  • Journalism: editor, photojournalist, writer, researcher, news correspondent, foreign news correspondent (see also Publishing).
  • Languages: consul, customs inspector, exporter, foreign language teacher, immigration officer, importer, intelligence officer, interpreter/translator, researcher, travel agent.
  • Law: attorney, judge, law professor, legal research assistant, paralegal.
  • Library Science: librarian, library technology manager.
  • Management & Business: accountant, sales, sales manager, economist, corporate policy analyst, human resources manager, research & development manager, CEO.
  • Marketing: market research analyst.
  • Multimedia: business development, customer support, marketing, online copy editor, online researcher, production assistant, sales, scriptwriter, website designer, web editor, web producer.
  • Museums & Public History: curator, exhibits designer, historic preservation specialist, historic site manager, public history curator, special collections curator, appraiser of antiquities and art, museum technician.
  • Non-Profit Sector: clergy, consumer advocate, fundraiser/development, education administrator, foundation work (United Way, Red Cross), grant writer, Peace Corps/Vista volunteer, public relations, activist careers, advocacy/labor unions.
  • Performing Arts: actor, choreographer, director, producer, stage manager, community affairs director, fundraising/development, government relations, investor relations, press relations officer, promoter, publicity officer, speech writer.
  • Publishing: author, book editor, columnist, corporate communications, copy editor, editorial writer, electronic publishing specialist, employee publications specialist, freelance writer, government publications specialists, journalist, newspaper/magazine writer, playwright, production assistant, public information officer, public relations, magazine designer, (see also Multimedia).
  • Real Estate: appraiser, commercial real estate agent, residential real estate agent.
  • Retail and Merchandising: buyer, retail manager, sales representative, entrepreneur, executive.
  • Visual Arts: appraiser, editorial assistant, graphic designer, photographer.