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Messiah University is in session this fall with flexible in-person and remote learning options, health and safety protocols and student care and support.


Educational Technology Services

Educational Technology Services

Educational Technology Services (ETS) consults with Messiah University students, faculty, and employees, providing innovative support services for multiple technology applications, instructional design, and media production. We maintain a knowledgebase providing guided instruction on many topics including: connecting to our network and using our learning management system (LMS) and productivity applications (Zoom, Microsoft, Google, etc.).

Our Mission is to:
  • Provide technology support and consulting services
  • Enable the discovery, exploration, and implementation of emerging technologies
  • Support learning processes
  • Streamline project management
Susan K. Shannon
Susan Shannon
Ext. 2496
Director, Educational Technology Services
Neil Weaver
Neil Weaver
Ext. 2282
Director, Innovative Technology
Diane P. Hunsinger Diane Hunsinger
Ext. 3895
Copyright and ITS Support Specialist (part-time)
Lew Gladfelter Lew Gladfelter
Ext. 6960
Helpdesk Coordinator (Tier I)
Ed Holthause Ed Holthause
Ext. 2578
Help Desk (Tier I)
Chad Keene Chad Keene
Ext. 3830
Director, Technology Support
HDI Certified Desktop Support Technician
Ryan Mark Ryan Mark
Ext. 7298
HDI Certified Desktop Support Technician
Craig Gephart

Craig Gephart
Ext. 7219
Addigy Certified AssociateAddigy Certified Expert HDI Certified Desktop Support Technician


Sherry Worley Sherry Worley
Ext. 6722
HDI Certified Desktop Support Technician
Brad Harman Bradley Harman
Ext. 2564
Digital Media Specialist
Ernie Tilman Ernie Tilman
Ext. 7238
Digital Media Assistant
Cynthia Kerns Cindi Kerns
Ext. 2218
Instructional Designer
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Rocky Allinger Rocky Allinger
Ext. 2250
Instructional Designer