Housing Sign Up Information

Proxy Info

You will use a proxy if you are a student Studying Abroad and/or are simply not available to complete online or manual selection process:

  1. Read and Sign your Housing Contract Online
  2. Receive Notice via email after signing your Housing Contract on The Nest (includes PIN Number, Time Slot, & Credit Hour Confirmation)
  3. For apartment sign-ups someone from your group will need to enter all the PIN numbers from your group for verification. Verification is an on-line process. The dates for verification are March 28 & 29 for a one bedroom apartment and April 1-4 for a two bedroom apartment. You will need to share your PIN number with the future roommate who is submitting your info for verification.  
  4. On the day of apartment sign-ups (March 30 for one bedroom apartments & April 4 for two bedroom apartments) the person who is going to select your apartment will need to report to the Zoom link for apartment sign-ups and they will be given the information needed to select an apartment for your group.

If you have trouble with any of the housing process please (e.g. study abroad with poor internet connection) please notify the Residence Life Office for assistance.  The Residence Life Office contact information is: (717) 796-5239 or