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Waiting List FAQs

How do I put my name on the waiting list?

We have a handy online form that you can use to put your name and your roommates name on the waiting list.  You can also indicate which building(s) you would prefer to live in. 

Waiting List Form

Does this mean I might not get a room for next year?

Absolutely not!  For the past 10 years we have had waiting lists and every year everyone gets into a room with their desired roommate. Often times students get into a more desirable building than they would have gotten in to if they had signed up through the regular selection process.

Why is there a waiting list?

Because we have specific halls reserved for first year students it limits the number of spaces for returning students and rising sophomores get placed on a waiting list temporarily. Before we did first year housing we allowed all returning students to sign up for rooms and then there were more supplemental triple rooms for first year students. First year housing means that some years the crowding happens for sophomores instead of first year students. 

WIll I be able to live with the roommate I request?

Yes!  The only time this might not be possible is if you request to live in a quad - those rarely open up during the summer.

When will I know where I'll live next year?

During the summer Courtney Williams will be working on getting students in to empty spaces. You could be notified anytime between May 15 and August 1. You will receive regular email updates throughout the summer and you can always contact the Residence Life Office by calling 717-796-5239 or emailing if you need an update.

Why aren’t there enough rooms right now? What changes between now and next year?

There are several things that happen that allow rooms to open up:

  1. Some students decide to withdraw or transfer during the summer.
  2. A few students are academically suspended.
  3. A few spaces are held for potential incoming medical needs.  As we get closer to August those rooms open up to students on the waiting list.
  4. Most years we put some returning students in Witmer on the transfer student floor, but don't make that decision until mid-summer when we see how long the waiting list is and how many incoming transfer students there are.