Housing Sign Up Information

Changes & Announcements


  1. Sollenberger 1st Floor will be a women's floor starting this fall and Sollenberger 3rd Floor will be a men's floor starting this fall. 
  2. If you need to find a roommate please use the Roommate Finder in the left margin on The Nest.  You can post your own profile or see who else is looking for a roommate.  We've tried to beef up the info on the Roommate Finder so that don't have to pay to use an outside company to find a roommate. 
  3. Triple room rates and single room rates will be differentiated by size moving forward.  Larger triple and single rooms will have a higher room rate, while triple rooms that are the same size as a double room in Grantham & Mt. View will have a lower room rate.Single rooms in Hess, Miller & Naugle will have a lower single rate than the singles in Bittner, Solly, Mt. View & Grantham.  
  4. If you have a financial hold on your account you will not be able to sign up for housing until the hold is resolved. Even if you do not have a hold please check with your roommates because you will not be able to hold a space for a roommate with a hold.  If you do not have a significant hold (<$1000) please contact Student Financial Services to set up a payment plan that may allow your hold to be lifted.
  5. Cluster Housing will occur in Hess, Miller, Solly Grantham and Mountain View.  Clustering allows groups of student to sign up for a block of rooms.  Please see the cluster page for more information.
  6. If you need to make a change after you signed up for a housing assignment, you will need to contact the housing office (
  7. When signing up for a residence hall room or apartment you will be required to fill it to maximum occupancy to reserve it.
  8. If you have an unusual situation and believe an exception should be made for you , please check out the housing appeals process.