Housing Sign Up Information

Apartment Sign-up Directions

2024-2025 Apartment Sign-up Info

Important Apartment Sign Up Facts

  • Clustering will be available in 30-40% of the apartments.   Anyone who does not cluster can still sign up for an apartment in the traditional way described below.
  • Individual students who will have earned 57 credits (not including AP & CLEP) by the conclusion of the Spring 2024 semester qualify to live in on campus apartments.  Summer credits are not included.
  • Priority is given to groups of roommates with the highest total credit hour sum.
  • A two bedroom apartment capacity is four and a one bedroom apartment capacity is two.  No over or under-capacity groups will be accepted. 
  • Only complete groups are eligible to sign up for apartments.
  • Apartment signups are scheduled for Thursday, March 28 (conducted via zoom) and Wednesday, April 3 (conducted via zoom).
  • If you sign up for an apartment you cannot sign-up for a residence hall room.
  • Please Note:  The verification process will happen a few days before Apartment Sign-ups (see number one below for online verification dates & directions)
  • Don’t Forget! You will need your PIN number order to sign-up for an apartment.


  • Verification – The credit total of your group needs to be verified on the Nest .  One of your group members will need to log into The Nest.  On the left side of the screen there is an ‘Apartment’ link.  Click on this link, select a 2 or 4 person apartment and enter each roommate’s last name & PIN number.  After submitting all of the last names & PINs each group member will see the group they have been entered with when they click on ‘Apartment Request’.
  • For day-of-sign-up directions, please read your mass emails, and check your email on the day of March 28th (for 1-bedroom apartments) and April 3rd (for 2-bedroom apartments). The housing calendar is up to date (located here
  •  - Apartment Clusters – The process has happened in our normal way. Students who requested a cluster will receive an email on March 24th either offering a cluster spot or explaining that their request was denied (for having too few credits).

     - 1 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom Apartment Verification – This process will still take place through the Nest. See the updated timeline for dates. If you are interested in living in an apartment, log on to The Nest (during the appropriate dates) and fill out the Apartments tab.

     - Apartment Sign-Ups – These have traditionally been done in-person, but will be done over Zoom this year. If you are interested in living in an apartment, please follow the verification process as normal. From there, we will generate a list ordering the groups by total credits.

  •  - 1 Bedroom Apartment Sign-Ups: On March 28th, beginning at 4pm, the Housing office will connect with the students who applied for the apartments through Zoom one by one. If you applied for an apartment, you will receive an email that day giving an estimated timeline of when in the evening you may be “called” on Zoom. More details will be communicated through an email to those who apply to live in an apartment. At least one member of each potential apartment must be available to communicate with the Housing Office during this time.

  •  - 2 Bedroom Apartment Sign-Ups: This process will be nearly identical as 1 bedroom sign-ups except that they will take place on April 3rd beginning at 4pm.