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Messiah University is in session this fall with flexible in-person and remote learning options, health and safety protocols and student care and support.


Student's Financial Responsibility

Student's Financial Responsibility

*  Enrollment at Messiah College constitutes a contractual financial obligation to pay any charges incurred as a result of registration for classes, enrollment for or cancellation of room and board agreements, fees, fines or other charges incurred while a Messiah College student.

*  Students are responsible for regularly reading important information sent to their Messiah email account.  eBill notifications are sent to the Messiah College email.  It is expected that students review their eBills when notification is sent to the Messiah College email account.  Students must set up eBill access for their parent or any other authorized user.

*  Failure to pay the eBill in full by the due date will result in the account being assessed a $100 late fee.  If still unpaid, a finance charge of 1.25% per month will be added the month following the addition of the late fee.

*  If payment cannot be made by the due date the student is responsible to contact Student Financial Services by the due date.  Located in Old Main first floor; email, phone = 1.717.691.6004.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

*  If the student has a balance due of $100 or more a hold will be placed on the student's account preventing course registration, housing or parking sign-ups.  Transcripts or diplomas are not released if there is a balance due of $25 or more.