Application options

There are two types of application to the dietetic internship at Messiah University. A preselect option is available only to students in their last year of the Messiah University Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD). A national dietetic internship match option is open to all other DPD graduates.  

Preselect option - Messiah University students only

Only students in their last year of the Messiah University Didactic Program in Dietetics may apply to this option. Application materials will be distributed to interested students in NUTR 493: Senior Seminar in Nutrition and Dietetics, which is taken during the fall of the senior year. Preselect applications are due by December 1 and applicants will be notified on or by January 15. Individuals accepted for the preselect option are not eligible to participate in the national dietetic internship match process. For further information about the application requirements and due dates, go here.

National match option

The Messiah University Dietetic Internship participates in the national dietetic internship computer match process which occurs each spring. All non-Messiah University DPD graduates should apply using this option. Please review the applicant responsibilities (developed by ACEND) for the dietetic internship application, computer matching and appointment procedures. Applicants must register and indicate their internship rankings for the computer match with D&D Digital. The Messiah University D&D Digital code is 747. In addition, applicants must also complete the Messiah University graduate application for admission and submit their application materials using the Dietetic Internship Centralized Application System (DICAS). As a part of your dietetic internship application, please provide your phone number and email address where you can be reached (if necessary) on appointment day. If you have questions about the application process for DICAS, please contact your undergraduate program director.

Our selection criteria includes DPD GPA, hours of nutrition experience (volunteer and work), application essay, references, internship interview and following application directions. If you are matched to the Messiah University Dietetic Internship, to confirm acceptance of the match, the DI director contact information is provided by D&D Digital communication.

A national match admissions requirements checklist can be found here.

Second Round dietetic internship applicants (for those who do not match in the first round)

If Messiah University has spots available after the first round of the match process has been completed, we will consider applications submitted in the second round. Please see D& D Digital for details.

Requirements to be considered for admission in the second round include the following:

1. Release your DICAS application materials to Messiah University (through DICAS)
2. Submit Messiah University application for graduate admission online

Additionally, if conditionally accepted into the Dietetic Internship program at Messiah University, final official transcripts showing degree awarded and official DPD verification statement are due by July 1.