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International Social Work

Current International Issues Areas

Child Rights and Protection - children affected by conflict or disaster, HIV/AIDS, abuse and exploitation, child labor and trafficking, child soldiers, orphans

Foreign Assistance - important for social workers to stay “in the know” on issues like foreign assistance reform (ex: aid-effectiveness, civil military issues) so that social workers will be better able to advocate for policy change

Gender Equity - eliminating gender discrimination

Global Health

Immigration and Refugee Resettlement

International Women’s Rights

Peace and Social Justice - social workers are encouraged to learn other languages, come informed about all aspects of other cultures and apply the profession’s values to work with clients of all races, ethnicity and sexual orientation

Psychosocial Support - providing mental health and psychosocial support to communities in crisis or those recovering from trauma (ex: care and support of field workers, support to those affected by HIV/AIDS, provision of hospice)

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