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International Social Work

How to Get Involved

How to Get Involved

Students interested in pursuing a career in international social work still have plenty of opportunities to get involved during their time at Messiah. Heres how!


Utilize the Intercultural Office at Messiah University and spend a semester abroad or complete a three week cross-cultural course

Complete an international short-term mission trip through the Agape Center at Messiah University or your home church

Interact and become familiar with international populations in the area in which you live

ex: Harrisburg has a strong presence of individuals from Nepal and Somalia

Attend trainings focused on disaster management and response, microcredit financing, logistic and resource management


There are many opportunities to dabble in international social work, even in the United States like working in a womens shelter and a woman from Colombia comes in who is an undocumented citizen. - Lynne Healy