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Alumni - Department of Psychology

Meet our graduates

Messiah Psychology graduates are diverse in their career choices or graduate school plans after finishing their undergraduate studies here. To see the paths that Messiah's Psychology Department majors have taken over the past several years, click here; if you would like a more detailed look at a few specific graduates and what they have been doing with their respective degrees in psychology, read the profiles below.

Alumni profiles

  • Andrew Wismer-
    Andrew Wismer B.A. in Psychology, minor in Statistics

    "Messiah College transformed my educational path and provided me with diverse and marketable skills for graduate school. At Messiah, I developed critical research skills, writing abilities, and study habits."

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  • Bryan Leong-
    Bryan Leong ’16 Human capital solution developer joins Deloitte Consulting

    One of the first students from Malaysia to graduate from Messiah, Bryan Leong '16 sought out many opportunities to make the most of his College experience even if that meant occasionally leaving the Grantham campus to hop over an ocean or two.

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  • Carrie Vaisman-
    Carrie Vaisman B.A. in Psychology with a Counseling Concentration

    Upon graduating from Messiah, I felt very prepared to apply to graduate programs. During my interview at Eastern University, my interviewer took note that I went to Messiah and commented, "I love Messiah grads! They always present themselves so well!"

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  • Erika Anderson-
    Erika Anderson B.A. in Psychology
    M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

    "From 2009 to 2011 I attended Messiah College's online graduate program for Clinical Mental Health Counseling. During this time I enjoyed the flexibility inherent to an online program as I took care of my family and completed internship experiences."

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  • Joshua Boden-
    Joshua Boden B.A. in Psychology, minor in Statistics

    "I loved my experience at Messiah College from day one, but I also spent much of my four years pining after other adventures--a busier street, a bigger city, a new culture, a different country. Messiah College afforded me all of those adventures and more, while also keeping me rooted in the stable but vibrant community of main campus."

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  • Julie Henninger-
    Julie Henninger ’10 Alum finds sustainable route to dinner

    “Just a few days ago we realized that we hadn’t been to the grocery store in months,” said psychology grad Julie Henninger ’10.

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  • Katelynn (Katie) Sagaser, MS, CGC-
    Katelynn (Katie) Sagaser, MS, CGC ’13 Prenatal Genetic Counselor - The Johns Hopkins Hospital

    "I help people understand genetic contribution to human disease..."

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  • Kelly Sherman-
    Kelly Sherman B.A. in Psychology, minor in counseling

    At Messiah, I was able to be involved in a multitude of activities that that have given me the depth of experience necessary to be marketable in nearly any experience I desire; from children to adults, from making behavior plans for persons with special needs to doing therapy with adults with serious mental illness; from working in a school environment to inpatient hospitals to rehabs to higher education.”

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  • Zanetta Kok-
    Zanetta Kok ’15 Cat lovers make living roasting beans

    Kok says she hopes to see Kitty Town Coffee expand and partner with cafes, local grocery stores and even a college campus or two. “I would love to eventually see Kitty Town Coffee reach Messiah College,” she said, “maybe even served in Lottie Nelson!”

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