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Grants Office

Grants Office

Grants Office

The purpose of the Grants Office is to assist the Messiah College community in obtaining external funding for programs and research ideas. Our goal is to remove barriers between projects and possible sources of funding so that the College community may flourish in both its mission and purpose. The Grants Office seeks to secure more than $1 million in grants to support Messiah College each year.


Your main responsibilities include: contacting and securing the support of the Dean and Chair (as appropriate) and providing the narrative describing the science or program portion of the grant. The Grants Office will coordinate the writing process, obtain appropriate signatures, edit the entire application, and arrange for the submission of the grant.

The Grants Office and the Provost's Office will work with the Business Office to set up an account for you. The Grants Office will support the project leader throughout the entire implementation phase, to the greatest extent possible, including all aspects of stewardship, presentations, and final reporting requirements.

If you would like to explore the feasibility of a grant idea, feel free to contact the Grants Office directly. We will research potential funding sources for you. However, before proceeding to the grant writing phase, the Dean and Provost must be notified (and the Department Chair as appropriate). Moreover, the Provost must approve all external grant applications before submission.

No. The only reporting requirement is to the Department Chair (for course load purposes), Dean, and Provost. The Grants Office is a resource available to you to make the grant writing experience easier and more manageable.

Important Information

For any internal grants, contact the Office of Faculty Development at extension 6013 for application guidelines.

Faculty applying for grants from off campus agencies should inform their Dean and Department Chair if they plan to pursue an external grant. All grant applications must be approved by the Provost before submission.

The Grants Office has numerous resources available to the College Community for seeking funding opportunities. These include:

  • Access to research tools that search for potential funders and profile family foundations
  • Assistance with writing and editing proposals, including formatting and submission fees
  • Support for budget and budget justification preparation (in conjunction with the Provost’s Office)
  • Assistance with stewardship and reporting activities

A good place to begin is to read the Grants Manual, which was designed to help Messiah College personnel who are developing grant proposals.

There are two types of grant opportunities at Messiah College: internal and external.

  • The internal Ranked Faculty Grants Program is directed by the Office of Faculty Development and Dr. Rhonda Jacobsen. Persons interested in applying for these grants should contact Dr. Jacobsen’s office at extension 6013.
  • Typically, there are two types of external grant opportunities available to educators: scholarship/research grants and special projects. Scholarship/research grants are those written by faculty to advance their scholarly pursuits. They may involve outside foundations, government programs or other grant-making agencies.
  • Any faculty member seeking funding for a project that is not included in the operational budget of the College must complete a Project/Funding Assessment Form. This form must be completed in collaboration with the appropriate Dean and be approved by the Provost before the form is sent to the Grants Office.