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The Bridge Center for TESOL

The Bridge Center for TESOL

Welcome to the Bridge Center for TESOL! If you are new to the field, TESOL stands for “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages”. It refers to the teaching of English as a second (“ESL”) or foreign (“EFL”) language anywhere in the world, such as…

  • to school children in Indonesia who study English as a foreign language
  • to adult professionals in Korea who need English for their jobs
  • to immigrant adults in the U.S. who are learning to live in a new language and culture
  • to international students in high schools and universities learning academic English

TESOL is all of these English-teaching contexts, and many more!

This is a site of information and free resources. You can download, print, adapt and use anything you find here. The purpose of this site is to provide basic information for those who are new to TESOL (check out “TESOL Basics”), and resources for those who may already be involved in the teaching of English, but who are always looking for new ideas (check out “Teaching Resources”). If you have dabbled in the teaching of English and are wondering about training, there’s  a section on that too – “TESOL Training”.

We believe that TESOL can be a bridge in many ways… a bridge to a new location, or a new job, but more significantly, a bridge between people. If you would like to walk the TESOL bridge to serve others, this site is for you. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions. Happy browsing!


Dr. Jan Dormer,

Associate Professor of TESOL, Messiah College


Check out Jan Dormer’s books, What School Leaders Need to Know About English Learners, at   and Teaching English for Reconciliation, at