Social Media Icons

These icons are used across the Messiah University website. Use them on your own web pages to link to your social media pages. 

32 x 32 pixels


Blogspot: blogspot.png

Twitter Logo

Twitter: twitter.png

facebook logo

Facebook: facebook.png

wordpress logo

WordPress: wordpress.png

flickr logo

Flickr: Flickr.png

youtube icon

YouTube: youtube32.png

pinterest logo


instagram logo

Instagram: instagram.png

googleplus icon
GooglePlus: googleplus.png

Foursquare logo
: foursquare32.png



24 x 24 pixels


facebook logo

Facebook: facebook24.png

twitter logo

Twitter: twitter24.png

linken in logo

LinkedIn: linkedin24.png




Other images:

Find us on facebook image - Large


find us on facebook image - small





Don't see the icon you need? Complete our web help form at and let us know which icon you would like. We'll grab it and put it out on this page for others to use as well.