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Are you looking for ways to not only act on your faith, but also explore how your academic passion and vocational calling can be used to bring about change?  If so, we invite you to get plugged into service or advocacy through the Agapé Center. 

The Agapé Center for Service and Learning houses three distinct student programs that will help students feel prepared for “lifelong service.”  We believe service is a learning experience that needs to be done in partnership, in awareness of systems of power and privilege and in light of a biblical worldview.  Such programmatic, co-curricular service experiences compliment the learning facilitated in the classroom and allow students to reflect on their place in church and society. 

Student Programs & Organizations 

The student programs located within the Agapé Center provide multi-faceted ways to connect service and learning.  These groups are the hands and feet of the Agapé Center, which seek to involve the campus in a widespread campaign that calls students to action, to working with and for the “least of these” and to recognize their place in an increasingly globalized, pluralistic society. 

Local Outreach

Local Outreach is a student organization that works on a regular, ongoing basis with the Greater Harrisburg area, partnering with organizations that are invested in their communities and working towards holistic, capacity-building efforts. 

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Human Rights Awareness

Human Rights Awareness (HRA) is a student-led advocacy coalition that brings attention to local and international justice issues to generate a desire for change among the student body.  The team works with international chapter organizations to raise awareness of injustices both locally and globally and creates proactive approaches to these issues.

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Service Trips

The Agapé Center Service Trips Team works with a variety of community partners to coordinate domestic and international service trips during academic breaks.  Through service, we hope students will experience enriching and challenging growth, which will help to foster learning of oneself, of the needs of others and of the role that service plays in society through a lens of Christian faith. 

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