Return to Campus Plan for Fall 2020

Messiah University is in session this fall with flexible in-person and remote learning options, health and safety protocols and student care and support.


2021 Accepted Spring Families

myMU for Spring 2021 Accepted Families

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Printable Checklist


Available in Deadline, if applicable
Academic Calendar


Academic Information-- GPA, Rank, and Test Scores


Academic Success Center September  
Access and Accommodations September  
Account Detail with Term December  
Admissions Counselor Contact September  
Address Information January  
Area Attractions September  
Banking at Messiah College September  
Billing November  
Campus Clubs and Organizations September  
Campus Map September  
Campus Ministries September  
Career and Professional Development Center


Cell Phone Service on campus September  
Checking/Changing Academic Major September  
Common Reading Assignment for First Year Students November  
Course Registration November  
Deposit September  
Dining Services September  
Educational Technology Services September  
Email Instructions September  
Emergency Text Alert System January  
Falcon Card Services November  
Federal Regulations Involving Release of Information (FERPA) November  
Financial Aid Award Notice November  
Financial Aid Office September  
Financial Aid Requirements September  
Financial Aid Timeline September  
Health Forms September June 15
Health Insurance Waiver December February 22
Health Services September  
Housing Assignment December  
Housing Contract and Application November February 9
Housing Information September  
Important Dates September  
International Student Account Assistance September  
International Student Visa and Travel September  
Mail Tips December  
Matriculation Form September  
Meal Plan September  
Messiah University Scholarship Search September  
Monthly Payment Plan (optional) September  
myMC Guide (monthly e-newsletter) October-January  
Orientation December  
Packing Suggestions October  
Parking Permit October January 15
Personal Evacuation Plan


Registration November  
Request for Accommodations due to Disability September  
Residence Life-- Housing Information September  
Roommate Request November  
Scholarship Information September  
Social Media September  
Spiritual Formation at Messiah University September  
Student Employment November  
Student Financial Services September  
Student ID Card Photo Upload November January 15
Textbooks December  
Transportation September  
Tuition and Fees September  
Vehicle Registration November January 15
Visit Campus September  
Winter Orientation December