Welcome to the Falcon Fitness Center’s exercise program library. Here you’ll find workouts ranging from beginner to intermediate resistance training programs and individual core and circuit training workouts. The programs and workouts can be downloaded individually in PDF format for personal use. Each PDF contains a description of the workout as well as links to YouTube videos demonstrating how to perform each exercise.

For those new to resistance training or looking to start lifting, we recommend starting with the beginner programs found below. Click on the "Getting Started" tab to learn a few common resistance training terms to become familiar with before you start your workout!

  1. Sets – The number of times you do each exercise. Play it safe and start with one, build up to two or three when you feel comfortable.
  2. Reps- How long or how many times you do each exercise. For example, a plank is typically performed for time (how long). However, bicep curls are generally measuring in repetitions such as “x 10” indicating 10 repetitions (how many times).
  3. Rest – How long you rest between each exercise and how long you rest between each set. We suggest with 60-90 seconds to start.
  4. Weight or intensity – Most exercises can be made harder or easier by changing the weight. For example, on the TRX, change your foot placement to change the intensity.
  5. For more information on the resistance training equipment, explore the links below.
  6. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask a Fitness Center employee in a blue polo.

Students and employees can click on the link below to book one of our student strength and fitness coaches for a tour! Once you complete the form your coach will reach out to you to schedule a time. See you soon! 

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