Expense and Mileage Reimbursement

Employee Expense and Mileage Reimbursement Information

The University reimburses employees when they have

  • paid for an expense of the University using personal funds
  • used a personal vehicle to travel for University business (mileage reimbursement) 

Expense reimbursement requests are submitted through One$ource.  See instructions below.

  • Personal credit cards or cash should be used only if the employee does not have a University-issued Purchasing Card, credit cards are not accepted, or the University-issued Purchasing Card is not working.
  • Guidelines for appropriate use of purchase orders and Purchasing Cards 
  • Use the University-issued Purchasing Card for approved Purchasing Card expenses.  This is especially important to ensure that appropriate insurance is in place when traveling.

When making purchases on behalf of the University, be sure that you are familiar with the Expenditure Policy, the Purchasing Policy and the Purchasing Card Manual.  These policies provide guidance on allowable expenditures and how they should be made.