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Academic Resources

Teacher certification information

Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests (PECT) 

All candidates for Pennsylvania Special Education PK-8 or Special Education 7-12 certification must take and pass the PECT administered by Pearson Evaluation Systems.  

Students are responsible for any costs associated with the preparation for and taking of this examination.  

For information on PECT preparation, please see the following link.

Candidates for PA certification apply through the TIMS system. More information is available here.

Questions? Contact


Candidates for PA certification apply through the TIMS system. More information is available here.

Questions? Contact

Steps to Pennsylvania certification

Information is available here.

Three tips for avoiding extra costs:

1. Take tests in PA OR designate PA Dept. of Ed. (PDE) as a score recipient each time you test.

2. Use your maiden name for ALL testing. After getting your PA certificate, change your name with PDE (no charge).

3. When you have completed course work and met testing requirements, apply right away to PDE for certification.

Content Knowledge Exams (including PECT and PRAXIS II)

Content Knowledge Exams, which assess your knowledge of the content related to the certification area, are required for Pennsylvania certification. Students should be sure that they register for the correct test required for certification: required Content Knowledge Examinations for each certification area with session/test code.

Content Knowledge Exams (taken near the end of your program)

  • We recommend that students start at the website for preparation materials. Take the practice test for the exam you will be taking, and use the results to help focus your preparation.The websites also provide a description of the content that is tested in each of the modules that will help you focus your study.
  • It might be beneficial to prepare for and take each module/exam separately.
  • Use college textbooks and notes to focus on content-specific areas that need review. College professors in the specific content area may be able to help with materials that will help you prepare.
  • Test prep for Content Knowledge tests - Praxis and PECT -  is available at
  • Some test preparation material may be available through the library or through interlibrary loan.
  • Butler County Community College offers an online course to prepare students for the PECT. There is a student fee for this course.
  • Interactive Practice Tests, which simulate the actual testing experience, with a score at the end and analysis of types of questions missed to target study, are available for the Praxis II. There is a small fee.
  • offers preparation assistance with Praxis exams.

Please note that suggestions for test preparation help are not endorsed by the Messiah University TEP. They are listed as options only. We have not reviewed specific materials or courses to determine effectiveness. If students have resources that have been helpful, but are not listed, or if they find that those listed are not helpful for test preparation, we welcome your feedback that can help other students better prepare to be successful on these required tests.