Humanities Scholars Program

Dean’s Scholarships in the Humanities

10 Dean’s Scholarships in the Humanities are awarded to accomplished, incoming students majoring in any field associated with the humanities. This includes the interdisciplinary major in Peace and Conflict Studies, and majors in the following departments:

  • Biblical, Religious and Philosophical Studies
  • Communication
  • History, Politics and International Relations
  • Language, Literature and Writing

The $1,000 scholarships are renewable each year, 10 awards yearly to new or transfer students majoring in the Humanities.  This scholarship may be combined with other merit scholarships and institutional aid up to full tuition.

Interview requests for this scholarship will be considered through March 17, with scholarship decisions being made in late March/early April. Students are encouraged to submit their interview request when they hear of their acceptance to the University or receive an email invitation with details about requesting interviews.

Follow this link to apply for the scholarship program. To begin the application, log in using your Admissions Status Page email and password.

Scholarship Renewal

Humanities scholarships are renewable for up to three years provided you:

  • Remain a Messiah University student
  • Retain and make reasonable progress toward a primary or secondary major in the Humanities; this standard is separate from the standard of Satisfactory Academic Progress published by the Financial Aid Office and required to maintain eligibility for other forms of financial aid.