Humanities Scholars Program

Humanities Scholars Program

The Messiah University Humanities Scholars Program is comprised of accomplished students who demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm for studying the humanities.  This program provides an enrichment programming that strengthens student understanding of the relationship between Christian faith and learning in the humanities, and deepens students' ability to translate knowledge and skills developed in Humanities disciplines into productive lives of leadership, service, and reconciliation after college. 

Eligibility Criteria

Any new first year or incoming transfer student accepted to Messiah University with a declared major associated with a Humanities discipline may apply for this program.

Humanities Scholars Program

As a First Year Student, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in a field trip or seminar emphasizing the integration of faith and learning, which may include a copy of a faculty authored book
  • Have lunch with a Distinguished Professor or special speaker to discuss the relationship between Christian faith and the Humanities
  • Attend a dinner with the keynote speaker for the annual Humanities Symposium in February
  • Be connected with an upperclass mentor in the Humanties Scholars Program

As a Second, Third, and Fourth Year Student, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Lead and serve in the School of Arts, Culture, and Society by participating on the Dean's Student Advisory Council, serving as an intern for the Center for Public Humanities, working as a recruitment diplomat for your department, or other form of school leadership of your choosing.
  • Become a mentor to several First Year students within the Humanities Scholars Program