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Congratulations on your acceptance to Messiah College!

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MCSquare and Viewing Your Online Award


Messiah Community Square (or MCSquare for short) is a place for the Messiah community (students, employees and educators) to come and access various systems, services, and information from one place. As an accepted student and a new member of the Messiah College community, you will be using MCSquare for the following:

  • Messiah e-mail
  • Orientation information
  • Financial aid
  • Course registration
  • Meeting other new students


We start working on new student financial aid applications in early March. If you have filed a FAFSA by that date, you should receive an award notice within a few weeks. After that date, you should expect to receive an award within a few days of the date we receive your FAFSA results. This date could vary depending on outside factors. A notice that your online award is ready to view will be mailed to your home address and to email addresses that we have on file for you.

Viewing Your Online Award

New Students can view the on-line award via MCSquare at:


Follow these steps to view your on-line award:

  1. Log in to MCSquare
  2. Select the “My Finances” tab
  3. You should see “Financial Aid Award – click here”. This link will take you to where you can view your online financial aid award letter.


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