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Applying for Aid

"My daughter was a student at Messiah College and graduated with a double major in Economics and Philosophy.  Although my wife and I are U.S. citizens and own a small house in Pennsylvania, we live in Germany, and the IRS considers us Bona Fide Residents of Germany.  When we as parents applied for financial aid for our daughter and filled out the FAFSA, we were forced to list our house in Pennsylvania as an investment, which had the effect of significantly increasing our Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and decreasing our eligibility for financial aid.  On the other hand, if we had lived in the U.S., the value of our house would not have been considered in determining financial aid.

The Messiah College Office of Financial Aid helped us immeasurably during the four years that our daughter was a student at Messiah.  They were very personable and helpful, and understood that some parents’ financial situations do not easily fit into the conventional framework for determining financial aid eligibility.  Financial Aid Office staff spent a significant amount of time with me on the phone and through e-mail in order to understand the special situation of our family living abroad, and went to bat for us in recommending financial aid that we would probably not have received at another college."

- H. Leaman




How To Apply


applying for aid





  1. Read through the information under the links above carefully to identify any Messiah College or government financial aid for which you may qualify. For a more detailed listing of the various forms of institutional aid available at Messiah College, please refer to the section "Meeting the Cost" in the current Messiah College catalog.
  2. Discuss the availability of state and local community scholarships, grants, and loans with your high school guidance counselor.
  3. Determine your financial need by filling out and submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). All students should complete the FAFSA online at The FAFSA is used to determine need for state grants (including Pennsylvania) and Messiah College need-based financial aid.
  4. Submit your application early. High school seniors should apply for financial aid in January or February of their senior year.

Need analysis application forms are available at high school guidance offices and at the Financial Aid Office on the ground floor of Old Main.


Financial Assistance Package


After a student’s financial need is determined, the College financial aid administrator will begin to put together a financial aid “package.”

Each student’s financial situation is different, so each financial aid award is unique. A financial aid package will include one or more types of financial aid. The most common types of financial aid include:

Most financial aid programs administered by Messiah College require the student to apply each year. Applications for financial aid should be submitted by March 1 preceding the academic year for which financial assistance is sought.

Students who qualify for financial aid from Messiah College are notified in the form of a financial aid award notice. This award notice is sent to students in the spring prior to the academic year for which financial assistance is sought.



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