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Department of Sociology

Application for Higher Education Graduate Studies


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College Athletics Management Individualized pattern of study
Academic Support Services Teaching English as a Second Language
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Additional Information:

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Personal Statement of Purpose

Your 300-500 word statement should describe your preparations for graduate work, your reasons for applying for this particular graduate program at Messiah College and how this graduate program will help you meet your professional and educational goals.  Send this to


Graduate Program in Higher Education Program Essay Question

In a brief essay of  approximately 500 words, envision and briefly describe one way that higher education should improve for the future.  Describe the characteristics required of higher education leaders to effectively bring about the change you propose.  Identify one or more significant experiences and/or personal qualities that have influenced your own ability to be an effective educational leader.


Academic Information

List all colleges / universities attended, regardless of the number of credits earned.
List the schools chronologically with the most recently attended school first.
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College / University attended :
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Dates attended: from: to:
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College / University attended :
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Statement and Signature

In making application to Messiah College, I certify the following:


  • Although Messiah College does not require a personal profession of faith for graduate program admittance, I am aware that courses are taught by faculty who affirm the Christian faith. I am willing to participate in meaningful and constructive dialog with instructors and classmates on matters of faith, and to respect the rights and opinions of others who may hold differing views.  


  • I have read and am familiar with the Standards of Conduct and Student Expectations found in the Graduate Student Handbook and I willfully agree to abide by these guidelines.

  • I certify that the information provided in this application and any supporting documentation is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that withholding or giving false information will make me ineligible for admission or result in my dismissal from Messiah College.


  • I understand that having a criminal history may prohibit me from obtaining a license or certification (specific to my course of study) and/or restrict me from participating in some practicum and internship placements.

  • I understand that in order to succeed in this program, I must possess basic computer skills and have regular access to a computer with the minimum system requirements.


  • I understand that due to state regulations, Messiah College is not authorized to admit students who will be residing in the following states while taking online courses:  Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

  • I recognize that the application fee is non-refundable and any submitted records are not returnable.


I have read the foregoing statement and acknowledge that checking
this box electronically serves the same purpose as affixing my
original signature to this document.
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Application Fee

There is a $30 application fee
  Total Due $30.00