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Sport Management Bachelor's Degree (B.A.)

Sport Management Bachelor's Degree (B.A.)

Sport Management at Messiah University 

Prepare for a job in sport management—a growing field that combines your love of sports and interest in business.

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in sport management degree offers you the opportunity to explore a broad based understanding of the primary areas of sport management. The sport management major is designed to prepare you to blend general management skills with the specific demands of managing sports organizations.

In Messiah’s sport management major, you’ll build a strong foundation in a number of key areas such as: management, finance, accounting, marketing, communication, ethics and legal aspects of business. Specific courses in sport management provide you with an understanding of the role of sport in society, the role of management in sport and the opportunities to apply your knowledge in sport-related organizations, all in a Christian learning environment.

Our committed Christian faculty will help you not just understand but also use the technical, interpersonal, moral and conceptual skills and concepts necessary to be an effective manager in a wide variety of sports-related environments.

As a sport management major at Messiah University, you’ll be able to:

  • Earn up to 16 credits in the sport industry.
  • Have access to top professionals in the sport industry through classroom guest speakers and internships.
  • Choose a double major in sport management and accounting or sport management and marketing.
  • Take challenging courses such as Ethics and Law in Sport Management, Economics and Governance in Sport, and Sport Facility & Event Management.
  • Join the on-campus Sport Management Society.

The interest in sport activities is at an all time high in the United States and growing. The economic impact of the sport industry on the total economy is staggering. If you consider moneys spent for equipment, travel, tickets, injuries, admissions, insurance, supplies, memberships, etc. the sum is enormous.

Bridges and Roquemore, 1996

As a graduate of the sport management program, you will be equipped to secure positions such as:

Amateur athletics:

  • Sport manager in olympic, intercollegiate, high school and youth settings
  • Athletic administrator
  • Coach
  • Recruiter for student-athlete affairs compliance
  • Sport information operator
  • Equipment manager
  • Ticketing and sales manager
  • Public relation professional
  • Marketer
  • Sponsorship salesperson
  • Fundraiser
  • Hospitality manager
  • Bowls and special events coordinator

Facilities and event management:

  • Facility/field maintenance manager
  • Field preparation and conversion manager
  • Ticket sales and seating manager
  • Advertiser
  • Event planner
  • Food manager
  • Designer/developer

For more information on career planning for the sport management program, visit the Messiah University Career and Professional Development Center


Throughout the sport management major, you’ll supplement courses with a variety of practical experiences. Practical experiences are embedded in the curriculum, but you'll also work with Messiah's athletics department. Plus, our strong connections with regional sport organization give you opportunities to work in sport management settings such as:

  • Recreational sports organizations
  • Minor league teams
  • Major league teams
  • Sports ministry organizations 

The goal of the sport management program is to provide quality preparation for administration positions within the sports industry. This focus necessitates sport education professionals teaching sport management students by integrating theory and practice, thus allowing students to serve a diverse population in a global society. Achieving this goal requires an integration of sport management theory and practice and the interaction of academic sport professionals, practicing sport administrators and goal-oriented students. Instruction centers on how sport management can have a focus in relation to athletics and sport program operation. In turn, the program will help achieve the following goals:

  1. To have constituent satisfaction as the highest priority.
  2. To ensure continuous improvement and academic excellence.
  3. You will demonstrate a strong knowledge base in athletic management, facilities planning, marketing, financing and law in the sport environment.
  4. You will be proficient in technological applications of sport management.