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I want to express my thanks to the many people at Messiah College who have in one way or another supported my mycological endeavors over the last few decades as I sought to deepen my experience with macroscopic fungi rather than the microscopic pathogens I studied so much in graduate school.

Thanks are extended to Dr. Jeffrey Moshier, Dean of the School of Science, Engineering and Health, and Dr. Gerald Hess, Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences. Their support of my 2003 sabbatic leave and their ongoing support of release time has greatly facilitated this work.

Special thanks is also extended to Les Weiand, former Assistant Director of Academic Computing, who patiently explained Dreamweaver and Fireworks, the software used to construct the web site.

My appreciation is extended to Ken Mark, Director of the Oakes Museum of Natural History, for providing the Oakes Museum web site as a home for this web site.


The local club to which I belong, Eastern Penn Mushroomers (EPM), - has been a great source of fellowship with others who enjoy these peculiar organisms called fungi. I have gained much knowledge about the local mushroom flora from being with the club members over the years.

I want to thank my wife, Sylvia, who has to a considerable degree taken up my interest in fungi, supported my mycological ramblings in the woods during family vacations, and accompanied me to a number of NEMF and NAMA forays. She specifically helped in this project by proofreading the web pages.

Dr. Thomas Volk

In addition to sharing his pictures, Tom played other roles in the development of this web site for which I am very thankful.

I applied for a sabbatic leave for the fall of 2003 after serving as department chair for the previous five years. My goal for the sabbatic leave was to pursue scholarship activities in mycology. From talks I heard Tom give over the years, I appreciated, as a fellow teacher, his interest and passion for mycological education. Tom didn't know me very well but took a step of faith and agreed to collaborate with me. He provided encouragement and ideas to consider during the decision making process leading to the concept for this web site.

In the fall of 2003, as part of the sabbatical, I traveled to La Crosse, WI, and studied with Tom for a week. I sat in on one of his classes, went on several forays, met his graduate students, met some of his University colleagues, went on a mycology lab field trip, enjoyed the use of his lab, helped him dry apples, saw some great sights around La Crosse, and soaked up as much mycology as I could. Tom even planted a rhododendron at his home in my honor. Many thanks, Tom, for your hospitality and infectious love of fungi.

This picture of Tom (on the left) and me was taken at a polypore workshop taught by Tom for the New Jersey Mycological Association.

The Photographers

Many excellent photographers contributed their pictures to this web site. Without their generosity, this project would not be possible. Good photographs bring the organisms to life. The many images contained in this work show the beauty of these fungi and help immensely in the process of identification. Most of the species are illustrated with several images in order to show structural details and variations in appearance.

In alphabetical order, I thank the following people for their hard work, skill, and creativity as demonstrated through their pictorial contributions to this project. As you look at the pictures of the species, please note that each picture is credited to the photographer. Pictures not credited are the property of Gary Emberger. Please note that all pictures are copyright protected and should not be used without permission of the owner.

Dr. George Barron - George taught and conducted research at the University of Guelph. He specialized in the taxonomy and biology of soil microfungi. His web site is a treasure trove of interesting photographs and information.
Cathy Cholmeley-Jones - Cathy is Program Coordinator of Eastern Penn Mushroomers.
Dr. Donald D. Davis - Forest pathologist and professor, Department of Plant Pathology, Pennsylvania State University. Don's research interests include the health of hardwood forests of the Northeast, hardwood fungal pathogens, and etiology of hardwood diseases.
Dr. John Dawson - John is President of Eastern Penn Mushroomers. He recently retired from the York campus of the Pennsylvania State University where he taught mathematics.
Dr. Larry Grand - Professor and Teaching Coordinator, Department of Plant Pathology, North Carolina State University. I was a student in his PP 625 Advanced Mycology couse in the fall of 1978. It was rewarding to let him know of this web site project during the 2004 NAMA foray in North Carolina.
George C. Gress - George has been photographing nature for over 30 years. His photographs have been published in newspapers, periodicals, reports, brochures, newsletters, and calendars. He is employed by The Nature Conservancy of Pennsylvania, where he manages the Acopian preserve. He also manages their prescribed fire program in Pennsylvania. and works on habitat management and stewardship for bog turtles as well as other rare plants and animals. He lives in Lebanon with his wife, Patti and son Adam.
Fred Habegger - Fred is a photographer in the Lancaster area.  He regularly presents slide programs at the Lancaster Butterfly and Entomological Society and the Muhlenberg Botanical Society.
Pam Kaminski - Pam is an amateur mycologist and photographer and a member of Eastern Penn Mushroomers. Check out the many fine mushroom photographs at her web site, Pamela's Mushrooms .
Dr. Rosalind Lowen - Roz is a former Honorary Research Associate of the Institute of Systematic Botany at the New York Botanical Garden. She is retired and now lives in NH. She has done research on fungi that occur on lyme disease ticks, fungi that occur on lichens, and she has been an analyst of fungi in the air and in buildings.
Dr. Steve Nelsen - Steve is an organic chemist at University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI. His web site describes his research and publications. Steve is also an amateur mycologist and mushroom photographer. He has generously supplied a number of photographs for my web site.
John Plischke III - John has won numerous NAMA photo contest awards for his entries. He conducts workshops on mushroom photography and is Chair of the NAMA Photo Committee. John is a member of the Western Penn Mushroom Club. The club's web site is a treasure trove of information about mushrooms.
William Roody - Bill is a biologist with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Wildlife Diversity Program. He lectures at many mycological meetings and is the author of Mushrooms of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians.
Tom Sargis - Tom's photograph of Fomitopsis pinicola was an award winner in the 2003 NAMA photo contest. Tom was also one of the first people of whom I asked permission to use a photograph. I'm pleased it is part of the web site.
Tom Schulein - Tom is an Associate professor of dentistry at the University of Iowa. It is a pleasure to include his NAMA photo contest award winning photographs of Meripilus giganteus and Mycena leaiana.
Noah Siegel - Noah's NAMA photo contest award winning images of Trametes versicolor and Daedaleopsis confragosa grace the pages for these species.
Dianna Smith - Membership Chairperson and V.P. for COMA. Dianna is an avid amateur mycologist, educator, and photographer of fungi and myxomycetes. She produces an educational nature series of programs called SCAPES for community cable television. Her graduate studies were in the History of Science and Technology.
Dorothy Smullen - Dorothy is a member of the New Jersey Mycological Association (NJMA) and a former president of the Northeast Mycological Federation (NEMF). As one of our guest mycologists during our annual Helen Miknis Memorial Foray, Dorothy's teaching skills and identification skills have been of great help to Eastern Penn Mushroomers (EPM).
Dr. Thomas Volk - If you have not visited Tom's web site on fungi, today is the day to do so. is a wonderful educational resource for fungi. Tom is a professor in the department of biology at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. He is a much sought lecturer at mycology clubs and meetings.
Nathan Wilson - NAMA's homepage contains a link to Nathan's home page which contains many photographs of fungi. I am pleased to be able to include his images of Pycnoporus cinnabarinus and Trametes versicolor in my web site.

David Work, President, Mid Hudson Mycological Association is also an avid mushroom photographer. Many of his images can be viewed at his web gallery. David is a NAMA photo contest award winner for his photographs of Pholiota squarrosa, Grifola frondosa, Hericium ramosum, Scutellinia scutellata, and Schizophyllum commune.

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