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Current Student Registration for Fall 2017

Note, to access MCSquare and Self-Service Banner, use the latest versions of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.  You may experience difficulties when using Google Chrome.

Instructions and Tips for Registration

Instructions for Current Students
Registration Tips
Instructions for Academic Advisors
Test Taker Instructions for Avant Language Placement Test

Recommended Courses for Dual Enroll (Summer 2017)

Fall 2017 Schedule of Classes (PDF)

Approved QuEST (Gen Ed) for Fall 2017 Semester

  • Click the link directly above to see courses approved to meet QuEST (Gen Ed) requirements
  • theView - QuEST and Beyond - A feature in Self-Service Banner which provides you the opportunity to search for QuEST (Gen Ed) courses by attribute.

Guidelines For Chemistry Courses- Fall 2017

Interdisciplinary Course Descriptions

Fall 2017 Schedule of Classes: Look Up, Add and Drop Courses

  • The link directly above is designed for current students to find courses and make schedule adjustments.  Click the link to enter Self-Service Banner.  Students may register at their appointed registration time or anytime thereafter.
  • Log into McSquare and click here to REGISTER FOR CLASSES.

International Access to Registration

Personal Planner Worksheet

Provides you with a visual outline of your weekly schedule.  Use it to plot your courses throughout the week.

Registration Worksheet

Students should list the course selections with the CRN numbers, times, etc. on this form. Include alternate courses to replace classes that may be closed. A two-part worksheet was distributed to you in campus mail.