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100 Years of Giving : The Middle Years


Gifts from alumni, parents, and friends of Messiah have enabled the College to grow and develop. Along the way, as Messiah became a junior college and then a four-year, accredited institution, the College’s supporters helped to ensure that resources were available to meet growing needs. Some supporters gave of their financial resources and others demonstrated their commitment through their gift of time.


Perhaps the most visible evidence of philanthropy throughout this time period is the presence of facilities that were constructed to meet needs associated with Messiah’s expansion. Some are named for donors; others are named in recognition of various individuals who have promoted Messiah in their sphere of influence. All of the buildings are part of Messiah’s legacy of philanthropy: Climenhaga Fine Arts Center, Eisenhower Campus Center, Engle Health Center, Frey Hall, Hoffman Building, Kline Hall of Science, and Murray Library are all facilities named for individuals who have shaped Messiah College’s history through their generosity of spirit.


More recently, Jordan Science Center, the Oakes Museum, Boyer Hall, Larsen Student Union, and Sollenberger Sports Center have been added to Messiah’s campus, made possible by the generosity of our alumni, parents, and friends.