Messiah University

Many people at Messiah University supported the development and maintenance of this website. Deans, Chairs of the Biological Sciences Department, staff of the Oakes Museum of Natural History, personnel in Information Technology Services and Web and Digital Marketing all made important contributions. I am grateful for the part each played.

Eastern Penn Mushroomers

I am very thankful to the members of Eastern Penn Mushroomers (EPM) and other mushroom clubs who readily shared their knowledge of and expertise with fungi during many forays.

Dr. Thomas Volk

Dr. Volk is a faculty member at University of Wisconsin, La Crosse. Dr. Volk played a vital role in the early development of this website. For this, I am very thankful.

The Photographers

Many excellent photographers contributed their pictures to this web site. Without their generosity, this project would not be possible. As you look at the pictures on the site, note the photographer credit. All pictures are copyright protected and cannot be used without permission of the owner. The photographers have my sincere appreciation and thanks. In alphabetical order: Dr. George Barron, Tom Bigelow, Cathy Cholmeley-Jones, Michael Ciavola, Cara A. Coulter, Ethan Crenson, Dr. Donald D. Davis, Dr. John Dawson, Melissa Emberger, Michael Emberger, M. Beth Erikson, Cecily Franklin, Dr. Larry Grand, George C. Gress, Fred Habegger, Pam Kaminski, Renée Lebeuf, Gary Lincoff, Dr. Rosalind Lowen, Dr. Andrew Loyd, George Morrison, Lauri Meyers, Dr. Steve Nelsen, Steve Ness, Maricel Patino, John Plischke III, William Roody, Tom Sargis, Matthew Schink, Tom Schulein, Noah Siegel, Dianna Smith, Dorothy Smullen, Joanne Solem, Dr. Thomas Volk, Emily Happell Williams, Nathan Wilson, Amber Wingert, and David Work.

Dr. C. Leonard Fergus

My interest in fungi began with an introductory mycology course at Penn State taught by Dr. C. Leonard Fergus. During my early years of teaching mycology at Messiah University, Dr. Fergus graciously offered his assistance in identifying specimens of wood decay fungi collected by me and my students. When my interest focused on constructing a web-based fungus identification application utilizing an out-of-print publication by Dr. Fergus called Illustrated Genera of Wood Decay Fungi, I approached Dr. Fergus's son, Charles. He and his siblings graciously gave me permission to use and adapt material in the book. For these reasons, I am pleased to dedicate this site to Dr. C. Leonard Fergus and his family.

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