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Centennial Class Profiles


Brittney BailyBrittney Bailey

Major: Mathematics with a minor in Statistics
Hometown: New Madison, Ohio
Campus Activities: Tutor in the Alison Hill district of Harrisburg at the Center for Champions and Alison Hill after school programs, member of the college HOST program, fan of music and sporting events, participant in recreational basketball

Dismissing the stereotype “math is for boys,” Brittney Bailey is an example to young girls everywhere.  As one of the mathematical departments leading scholars, Bailey has held two internships over the past two summers, one with the Department of Defense and the other at the University of Wisconsin (Madison).  The prestigious and selective internship at the University of Wisconsin focused on biostatistics and provided Bailey with a practical learning experience in her desired field. “What I liked best about UW-Madison were the multiple opportunities it provided,” said Bailey. “In addition to the research experience, I was able to network, get a feel for grad school, and get exposed to various career paths in the field of statistics.”


With her continual learning and innate knowledge of mathematics and statistics, Bailey plans to pursue a master’s and then doctoral degree in statistics. She wants to work in the pharmaceutical industry and ultimately become a professor. “I have known since high school that I want to teach, I just wasn't sure at what level,” noted Bailey. “After my experience in Wisconsin this summer, I think I've finally decided that being a professor is the direction I want to go.  As a professor, I would be able to do the things I love, such as learning, research and serving others through teaching, using the abilities God gave me.”


Bailey believes that she and her fellow classmates can serve as leaders for future Messiah College students. “I believe the Class of 2010 has set great examples of leadership and dedication to serving others which will hopefully perpetuate that same desire to current and future Messiah students to become active participants in the local and global community.”


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