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What happens when?

Reconcile seemingly different ideals at Messiah

You’ll often notice in Messiah’s communications the use of two different words “fused’ together—words like faith-intellect or discovery-belief. We refer to these as “ligatures” and they symbolize Messiah’s ability to help students reconcile seemingly different ideals in new and interesting ways.

Messiah College is a Christian educational community that encourages students to think critically, weigh ideas and explore possibilities from new angles. For example, at Messiah we ask questions like:

What happens when
A questioning intellect coexists with a believing heart?
High aspirations and a humble spirit occupy the same person?
People who are different achieve harmonies of community?
Discipline empowers imagination and wisdom enhances expertise?
Christian worship sparks the generosity of Christian service?
A faraway journey inspires a profound sense of home?
see anew